Who Makes Revel Speakers

Revel, a division of Harman International, makes high-end loudspeakers for both home and professional audio applications. The company’s product line includes the ultralow-distortion Ultima2 series, the Performa3 series, and the more affordable Concerta2 line. All three lines are designed with similar technologies to provide accurate sound reproduction.

Revel F328Be vs Salon2 Floorstanding Speaker Comparison – Which is Better?

In short, Revel makes some of the best speakers in the world. The company was founded in 1996 by Kevin Voecks and Tim Seeger. Both men had a passion for music and audio, and they set out to create a company that would make speakers that could reproduce sound as accurately as possible.

Revel’s first speaker was the Ultima Salon2. This speaker was designed to be accurate above all else. It didn’t have the same “wow factor” as other speakers on the market, but it sounded better.

This attention to detail has been carried over into every Revel speaker since then. Revel is now owned by Harman International, but the company still operates independently. All of Revel’s speakers are designed and manufactured in-house, from start to finish.

This allows them to control every aspect of quality, ensuring that each speaker meets their high standards. Revel’s current lineup includes both home theater and stereo speakers. Their top-of-the-line model is the Ultima2 Gem2, which costs $120,000 per pair!

But even their more affordable models offer exceptional sound quality. If you’re looking for truly amazing sound quality, then you need to check out Revel speakers. They may not be the cheapest option out there, but they’re definitely worth the price tag.

Revel Speakers Review

Revel Speakers are one of the most popular brands on the market, and for good reason. Their speakers offer great sound quality at a reasonable price, making them a great choice for anyone looking to improve their audio setup. In this review, we’ll take a close look at the Revel M126Be bookshelf speakers and see how they perform.

We’ve all been there before. You’re in your favorite band’s concert and they start playing your favorite song. The sound is incredible; you can feel the bass vibrating through your chest and the highs are so clear that it feels like you’re right next to the singer.

But then you get home and try to recreate that experience with your own stereo system, only to be disappointed by the lackluster performance of your speakers. If you’re looking for a set of speakers that can provide an immersive listening experience like no other, then you need to check out Revel’s offerings. The M126Be is a 2-way bookshelf speaker with a 1″ tweeter and 6″ woofer.

It has a frequency response of 55Hz-20kHz and an impedance of 8 ohms. It’s rated for 50 watts of power handling and has 92dB sensitivity. The M126Be is available in black or white finishes, both of which look great in any setting.

One thing that sets Revel apart from other speaker manufacturers is their use of computer modeling to design their drivers. This results in drivers that are able to produce sound that is more accurate than what is possible with traditional methods. The end result is a speaker that sounds better than anything else in its class while still being very affordable.

The M126Be offers excellent sound quality across the entire frequency range; however, its real strength lies in its ability to reproduce low frequencies accurately without sounding muddy or overblown . Bass notes have tight punchiness without sacrificing detail or texture , creating an engaging listening experience . midrange frequencies are well-balanced , neither too forward nor too recessed .

And highs are crisp and detailed without sounding harsh or artificial . Vocals reproduction is particularly impressive ; male vocals have rich body without sounding thick , while female vocals maintain excellent clarity . Instrumental music also sounds great on these speakers ; stringed instruments have natural timbre while brass instruments have just the right amount of bite . All told, the Revel M126Be offers an exceptional listening experience thanks to its accurate driver design and careful tuning .

Who Makes Revel Speakers

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Are Revel Speakers Good?

Revel speakers are considered some of the best in the business. They offer great sound quality and are built to last. Many people who have purchased Revel speakers say they are well worth the investment.

Is Revel American?

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Is Harman Kardon a Good Car Stereo?

Harman Kardon is a well-known name in the car stereo world, and for good reason. The company has been making high-quality car stereos for decades, and their products are known for their excellent sound quality. If you’re looking for a great car stereo, Harman Kardon is definitely worth considering.

How Many Speakers Does the Revel Ultima 3D Audio System Have?

The Revel Ultima 3D audio system has a total of nine speakers. The main left and right speakers are each outfitted with a pair of 8-inch bass drivers, a 5-inch midrange driver, and a 1-inch tweeter. These are complemented by four 4-inch satellite surround speakers and two 12-inch subwoofers.

All of the speakers in the system are bi-amplified, meaning that each one has its own dedicated amplifier for optimal performance.


Revel speakers are designed and manufactured by Harman International. Based in Stamford, Connecticut, Harman International is a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics.