How to Pair Bluetooth Speakers

We all know how great it is to have Bluetooth speakers. They are portable, they are easy to use, and they provide us with quality sound that we can enjoy anywhere we go. But did you know that you can actually pair two Bluetooth speakers together?

This means that you can double the sound output and enjoy an even better listening experience.

  • Power on your Bluetooth speaker and put it into pairing mode
  • This is usually done by pressing a button or holding down a button for a few seconds
  • On your phone or other device, open the Bluetooth settings menu and look for the speaker you want to pair with
  • Select the speaker from the list of available devices and wait for it to connect
  • Once the speaker is connected, you should be able to play audio through it


How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to Android Phone

It is pretty easy to connect a Bluetooth speaker to your Android phone. Here are the steps: 1. Turn on your Bluetooth speaker and make it discoverable.

2. Open the Settings app on your Android phone and tap on Bluetooth. 3. Your phone will now scan for nearby Bluetooth devices and should display your speaker in the list of available devices. 4. Tap on the device name to connect it to your phone.

5. You may be prompted to enter a PIN or passcode, but typically this is not necessary unless you have set one up previously. 6. Once connected, you can play music from your phone through the speaker!

How to Pair Bluetooth Speakers


How Do You Put a Bluetooth Speaker into Pairing Mode?

If you’re looking to add a Bluetooth speaker to your home audio setup, or want to be able to stream music from your phone to a speaker without any wires, you’ll first need to put the speaker into pairing mode. This guide will show you how to do that with a few simple steps. First, make sure that your Bluetooth speaker is powered on and in range of the device you’re trying to pair it with.

Then, open the Settings menu on your device and find the Bluetooth settings page. On this page, you should see an option to enable Bluetooth if it’s not already enabled. Once Bluetooth is enabled, look for an option called “Pair new device” or something similar.

Select this option and wait for your device to scan for nearby Bluetooth devices. Once the scan is complete, you should see a list of available devices appear. Look for your Bluetooth speaker on this list and select it.

You may be prompted to enter a PIN code on both devices; if so, just enter 0000 (four zeroes) as the PIN code and press OK/Confirm on both devices. After a few seconds, the two devices should be paired and you’ll be ableto start streaming music wirelessly!

Can 2 Bluetooth Speakers Be Paired Together?

Yes, two Bluetooth speakers can be paired together. This is called stereo pairing and allows the two speakers to play the same audio signal in sync. To do this, each speaker must have its own Bluetooth receiver built-in.

Once both receivers are turned on and in discoverable mode, they should be able to connect to each other just like any other Bluetooth device. If your Bluetooth speakers don’t have a receiver built-in, you can still use them together by connecting one of the speakers to your audio source (e.g., phone, tablet, computer) using a 3.5mm audio cable and then connecting the second speaker to the first speaker using another 3.5mm audio cable.

Why Won’T My Bluetooth Speaker Pair Up?

There are a few reasons why your Bluetooth speaker might not be pairing up with your other devices. The first thing you should check is the distance between the speaker and the device you’re trying to pair it with – if they’re too far apart, they won’t be able to connect. Make sure there’s no obstacles between them as well, as that can also interfere with the connection.

Another possibility is that the battery in either the speaker or the device you’re trying to pair it with is low, so try charging both of them up and then trying again. If all else fails, restarting both devices can sometimes fix the problem.

How Do I Know If My Bluetooth Speaker is in Pairing Mode?

If you’re looking to connect your Bluetooth speaker to another device, there are a few things you need to do first. One of the most important steps is putting your speaker into pairing mode. But how do you know if your Bluetooth speaker is in pairing mode?

Here are a few ways to tell. One way to tell if your Bluetooth speaker is in pairing mode is by looking for a blinking light. Many speakers have a dedicated LED that will blink when the speaker is in pairing mode.

This can be helpful if you’re having trouble finding the right button to press. Another way to tell if your Bluetooth speaker is in pairing mode is by listening for a specific sound. Some speakers will make a short tone or chirp when they enter pairing mode.

This can be helpful if you’re not near the speaker and can’t see the LED indicator. If you’re still having trouble, consult your speaker’s manual or manufacturer website. They should have more detailed instructions on how to put your particular model into pairing mode.


Most people have Bluetooth-enabled devices these days, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or even some newer TVs. And with so many devices supporting Bluetooth, it’s no wonder that people are looking for ways to wirelessly connect their audio systems too. Luckily, there are a number of ways to pair Bluetooth speakers together to create a bigger sound system.

One way is to use an app like SoundSymphony which allows you to control multiple speakers at once from your phone or tablet. This can be great if you want to set up a whole-house audio system or just want more control over the music in different rooms. Another option is to buy two pairs of wireless speakers that come with their own stands and place them in different corners of the room.

This will give you a surround sound effect without having to run any wires around your house. If you have an existing stereo system, you can also add a Bluetooth receiver so that you can stream music wirelessly from your phone or other device. This is a great option if you don’t want to replace your current stereo but still want the convenience of being able to play music from your phone without having to plug it in every time.

There are even some receivers that come with their own remote so that you can control the music from anywhere in the room. So whether you’re looking for a simple way to listen to music from your phone or want to create a whole-house audio system, there are plenty of options for pairing Bluetooth speakers together. Just find the right solution for your needs and start enjoying wireless audio throughout your home.