How to Make My Stereo Speakers Wireless

If you’ve ever wanted to listen to music without being tethered to your stereo, you may have considered making your speakers wireless. While this can be a complex process, there are a few ways that you can make your stereo speakers wireless with relative ease. In this article, we’ll show you how to do just that.

How To Make Wired Speakers Wireless: Two Takes

  • Purchase a wireless stereo transmitter and receiver kit
  • Connect the audio output of your sound source to the wireless transmitter
  • Connect the wireless receiver to your stereo speakers using standard speaker wire
  • Power on the wireless transmitter and receiver, and set them to the same frequency channel
  • Adjust the volume on your sound source and enjoy your now wireless stereo speakers!

Wireless Speaker Kit for Wired Speakers

Wireless Speaker Kit for Wired Speakers: If you have wired speakers that you want to make wireless, there is a kit for that! The Wireless Speaker Kit for Wired Speakers allows you to stream audio from your Bluetooth-enabled device to your wired speakers.

This is great if you want to listen to music from your phone or tablet without having to worry about cords. The kit comes with a transmitter and receiver, so all you need to do is plug the transmitter into your device and the receiver into your speakers. Then, just pair the two and you’re ready to rock!

How to Make My Stereo Speakers Wireless


Can I Make Regular Speakers Wireless?

Yes, you can make regular speakers wireless. There are a few different ways to do this, but the most common is to use a wireless transmitter and receiver. The transmitter connects to your audio source (like a phone, MP3 player, or computer) and sends the signal wirelessly to the receiver, which is connected to your speakers.

This lets you play music from your audio source without having to worry about cords getting tangled or in the way.

Can You Make Wired Stereo Speakers Wireless?

If you have a pair of stereo speakers that you would like to use without having to worry about wires, there are a few ways that you can make them wireless. One option is to purchase a wireless speaker kit, which will come with everything that you need to connect your speakers wirelessly. Another option is to use Bluetooth technology to connect your speakers to a Bluetooth-enabled device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

Finally, you could also consider using an infrared (IR) system to connect your stereo speakers wirelessly.

How Do I Convert My Stereo to Wireless?

If you’re looking to cut the cord and go wireless with your stereo setup, there are a few different ways to do it. Depending on what type of equipment you have and how much money you’re willing to spend, you can either buy a new wireless receiver or use one that you already have. Here’s a look at a few different ways to make the switch to wireless:

If you have an existing stereo receiver with an AUX input, you can buy a Bluetooth adapter like the Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver. This plugs into the AUX input on your receiver and allows you to stream music wirelessly from your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled device. The downside is that it only works with devices that support A2DP, so it won’t work with older iPod models or some Android phones.

If you have a home theater receiver with an HDMI input, you can get an HDMI adapter like the Monoprice Blackbird 4K HDR Wireless HDMI Adapter Kit. This sends video and audio signals wirelessly from your source device (like a Blu-ray player) to your TV or projector. It supports resolutions up to 4K HDR and has low latency for gaming and other real-time applications.

You could also ditch your old receiver altogether and go with a new wireless model like the Sony STRDN1080 7.2-Channel Dolby Atmos Home Theater AV Receiver. This has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for streaming music from online services or your mobile devices. It also supports popular surround sound formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, so it’s great for movies and games as well.

How Do I Convert Speakers to Wireless Speakers?

If you’re looking to convert your regular speakers into wireless ones, there are a few things you’ll need to do. First, you’ll need to purchase a wireless audio receiver. This will plug into your speaker’s input and allow it to receive a signal from a wireless transmitter.

Next, you’ll need to buy a wireless transmitter that is compatible with the receiver. Once you have both of these items, follow the instructions that come with them to set up the connection between the two devices. After that, simply connect your music source (e.g., phone, tablet, computer) to the transmitter and enjoy your tunes wirelessly!


If you’re looking to cut the cord and make your stereo speakers wireless, there are a few different ways to do it. You can buy a wireless adapter that plugs into your speaker’s 3.5mm aux input and connects to your home Wi-Fi network, or you can get a Bluetooth receiver that does the same thing. Or, if you have an older stereo system with an unused tape deck, you can use that to transmit the signal wirelessly.

Whichever route you go, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure your router is close enough to where your speakers will be; otherwise, you’ll get spotty audio quality. Second, if you’re using an adapter or receiver that plugs into the aux input, you won’t be able to control the volume from your stereo’s remote –– you’ll have to adjust it on the device itself.

And finally, if you have multiple speakers hooked up to your stereo receiver, only one of them can be wireless –– the others will still need to be connected via speaker wire.