How to Find Guest Speakers

If you are hosting an event and are in need of a guest speaker, there are many ways to find someone who is qualified and willing to speak. First, consider your budget and what type of speaker you need. Do you want a local celebrity or expert?

There are many websites that can help you find speakers in your area. Once you have considered your budget and the type of speaker you need, begin your search by contacting your local chamber of commerce or professional organizations in your field. These organizations often have lists of speakers available for hire.

You can also check with colleges and universities to see if they have any experts who might be interested in speaking at your event. Finally, don’t forget to ask friends, family, and colleagues if they know anyone who would be a good fit for your event.

  • The first step is to identify the purpose or goal for inviting a guest speaker
  • This will help narrow down the field of potential speakers
  • The second step is to develop a criteria list for the ideal candidate
  • This might include factors such as: expertise on the topic, ability to engage an audience, fee requirements, and availability
  • The third step is to compile a list of potential speakers that meet the criteria established in step two
  • This can be done through online research, personal recommendations, or by contacting speaking bureaus
  • The fourth step is to contact the potential speakers on your list and invite them to participate
  • Be sure to provide all relevant information about the event, including dates, times, topics covered, and expected audience size
  • The fifth and final step is to follow up with the guest speaker after the event has taken place
  • Thank them for their participation and seek feedback on ways to improve future events

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How Can I Get a Free Guest Speaker?

There are a few ways to get a free guest speaker. The first is to contact the person you want to speak and ask if they offer any complimentary speaking engagements. Many times, people will be more than happy to oblige if they are available and it fits within their schedule.

Another way to get a free guest speaker is by contacting organizations or companies that offer speakers for hire. These types of businesses typically have a list of speakers who are available and willing to give talks at no charge. All you need to do is reach out and request more information.

The last option for getting a free guest speaker is by finding someone who is already scheduled to speak at an event that you are attending. If you know the date and time of the event, simply approach the speaker after their talk and inquire about giving a similar presentation at your own event. In many cases, speakers are happy to oblige since it helps them promote their work or message.

How Do I Recruit Speakers?

When looking to recruit speakers for an event, there are a few key things to keep in mind. First, consider the audience you are trying to reach and what type of speaker would be most appropriate for them. Second, think about what topics or issues you would like your speakers to address.

Once you have a good understanding of these two things, you can begin reaching out to potential speakers. There are a number of ways to find and contact potential speakers. One is to search online directories or speaking bureaus that specialize in finding speakers for events.

You can also search social media platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter using relevant keywords. Additionally, many professional organizations maintain lists of members who are available to speak at events. Finally, personal connections can often be the best way to find qualified speakers; don’t hesitate to ask around for recommendations from people you know and trust.

Once you have a list of potential speakers, reach out to them directly with information about your event and see if they would be interested in participating. If they are unable to commit or if their fee is outside of your budget, don’t be afraid to negotiate or ask if they know anyone else who might be a good fit. With some time and effort, recruiting quality speakers for your event can be a relatively easy process!

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Guest Speaker?

There is no one definitive answer to this question as the cost of hiring a guest speaker can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. The most important factor is usually the celebrity or notoriety of the speaker in question – well-known, high-profile speakers will naturally command higher fees than those who are less famous or well-known. Other important factors include the length of time required (a keynote speech will likely be more expensive than a shorter talk), the location of the event (if it’s in a major city, costs will be higher), and whether or not expenses are included in the fee (travel, accommodations, etc.).

Additionally, some speakers may have different fee structures for different types of events – for example, they may charge more for corporate events than they would for non-profit organizations. To get an accurate estimate of what it would cost to hire a particular guest speaker, your best bet is to contact their agent or speaking bureau directly and inquire about their fees. Be sure to have all relevant information ready (date and location of event, type of event, expected length of time needed) so that you can get an accurate quote.

In general, though, you should expect to pay several thousand dollars at minimum – sometimes much more – to hire a guest speaker.

How Do I Find an Inspirational Speaker?

When you are looking for an inspirational speaker, it is important to find someone who has a message that resonates with you and your audience. There are many ways to find speakers who fit this criteria. You can search online directories, attend industry conferences, or contact professional speaking organizations.

Once you have a list of potential speakers, reach out to them directly to see if they would be a good fit for your event. Ask about their previous engagements and what kind of feedback they received. Be sure to also ask about their fee structure and any other requirements they may have.

Once you have found the right speaker for your event, work with them closely to ensure that their presentation meets your expectations. Provide them with detailed information about your audience and what you hope they will take away from the experience. By working together, you can ensure that your event is truly inspirational.

How to Find Guest Speakers


How to Find Free Guest Speakers

There are many ways to find free guest speakers. Here are some tips: 1. Check with your local chamber of commerce.

Many chambers offer free or low-cost business seminars that include guest speakers. 2. Contact your city or county government offices. They may have a list of organizations that offer free or low-cost business seminars that include guest speakers.

3. Ask businesses in your area if they know of any upcoming events that feature guest speakers. 4. Search online for “free business seminar” or “guest speaker” + your city/state/province/region.


It can be difficult to find qualified guest speakers for your events, but there are a few ways to go about it. One way is to search online directories that list potential speakers by topic. Another way is to contact professional organizations in your field and ask if they have any recommendations.

Finally, you can always try reaching out to experts directly and asking if they would be interested in speaking at your event. Whichever route you choose, make sure to do your research ahead of time so you can be sure you’re getting a quality speaker who will engage your audience.